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Beside each of the behaviors listed below, check how much of a problem each is for you, in your own opinion.
      Not At All    Just A Little   Pretty Much   Very Much
1.  Physical Restlessness        
2.  Mental Restlessness        
3.  Easily Distracted        
4.  Impatient         
5.  "Hot" or explosive temper        
6.  Unpredictable behavior        
7.  Difficulty completing tasks        
8.  Shifting from one task to another        
9.  Difficulty sustaining attention        
10. Impulsive        
11. Talk too much        
12. Difficulty doing tasks alone        
13. Often interrupt people        
14. Do not appear to listen to others        
15. Lose a lot of things        
16. Forget to do things        
17.  Engage in physically daring activities        
18. Always on the go, as if driven by a motor        


For people over the age of 18, checking 6 or more of the above behaviors as a problem "Pretty Much" or "Very Much" of the time could be an indication of adult ADHD or ADD. This checklist should be used only as a basic and preliminary screening.  An accurate diagnosis  involves much more than just scores on this, or any other checklist.  The best way to evaluate these conditions is to consult with a competent professional.