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We are frequently asked how someone can tell if they would benefit from psychological services.  Many of life's difficult times can be managed through the help of family, friends, spiritual guidance, and our own wisdom and strength.  Sometimes, however, a caring and knowledgeable professional can provide much needed help with the problems of living in a complex world, emotional pain, troubling relationships or raising children.

Other times, the skills of a professional psychologist may be required to identify the cause of school difficulties, or to assist in selecting a career or a college major.

The checklists provided here are intended to help evaluate concerns you may have about your children, or yourself.  These brief checklists are not intended to diagnose any condition and they are not a substitute for more in-depth assessment.  However, they may be of value in helping clarify the types of concerns one may be experiencing and in communicating concerns to your healthcare professional.

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Adult ADHD                    Preschool Checklist              Childhood Depression

Anxiety and Panic                                                           

Adult Depression                                                            ADHD/ADD Checklist for Girls

Pregnancy and Postnatal