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Frequently Asked Questions About Psychological Treatment


What is psychotherapy?



Psychotherapy is an interactive process between you and your doctor, that is intended to help with the concerns or emotional discomfort that brought you to treatment. There are many different forms of psychotherapy, such as behavior therapy, group therapy, marital therapy, and children's play therapy. Your doctor has specialized training in a number of form of psychotherapy and will utilize the procedures appropriate to your individual needs.






How long does treatment typically last?



The length of treatment will be different depending on the concern that is being addressed. Often, short therapy of between 6 and 25 visits is effective. Some problems that have persisted over an extended period of time may take longer. Usually within your first few visits your doctor will probably be able to discuss with you how long treatment will probably last. We believe in keeping  treatment as brief as possible while still providing effective, quality service.






Is personal information I discuss kept confidential?



Your privacy and the confidentiality of your meetings is extremely important and strictly protected. We will not give any information about you to anyone without your permission, except in the unusual circumstance where not to do so could be dangerous to you or others. Your doctor will be glad to the laws and ethical codes that control confidentiality.






What are the credentials/professional preparation of a psychologist?



After four years of college, a psychologist earns a Doctorate in psychology.  The doctoral training includes a year-long internship. After earning the doctoral degree, a psychologist must have at least one year of supervised postgraduate training, and finally extensive national and state testing.  (Medical Psychologists in Louisiana also earn a post-doctoral Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychopharmacology.) In Louisiana all psychologists participate in continuing education to keep up-to-date on latest developments.






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