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        Fees and Insurance

Fees:  Our fee structure compares very favorably to the usual and customary charges for professional services from doctors with the levels of training and credentials of our clinical staff.  Specific charges will depend upon the types and length of services we provide.  It is important to us that you understand completely the charges you will have.  Our office manager, Ms. Rosa, will be happy to discuss our fees when you phone and our doctors will be pleased to discuss services and charges at any time.

It is expected that payment will be made at the time services are rendered, unless alternative arrangements have been made.

Insurance:  At the present time we do not accept direct payments from insurance companies.  We do provide the documentation needed so that you may file claims with your insurance company.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Louisiana:  At this time we are able to offer our patients with this insurance the courtesy of filing their insurance claim forms.

ADD/ADHD:  Louisiana law requires that any insurance company that provides medical insurance in this state must pay for evaluation for ADD/ADHD, even if no other mental health services are covered.  Unfortunately, that law preceded the formation of HMOs, which are exempted.

Military: Our office accepts payments from military TriCare standard and TriCare Prime.  We welcome active duty service members, retirees, and dependents.

HMOs:  We find the limits HMOs impose for mental health services foster substandard care.  Consequently, we have not agreed to be members of any HMO provider system.  Often, however, our patients obtain authorization from their HMOs to cover some of the cost of our services.  You may contact your company to inquire about their reimbursement procedures.

Medicaid:  At this time, Louisiana law does not allow Medicaid reimbursement for psychological services.