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ADD/ADHD Checklist for Girls

(The following checklist is not intended for diagnostic purposes, but rather for initial screening purposes. If you feel that your daughter seems to fit many of the behaviors described below, it may be advisable to seek an evaluation from an experienced health care professional, someone who specializes in ADHD and is familiar with the different presentation of ADD (ADHD) often seen in girls.)

Although ADD (ADHD) is occurs more often in boys, it is a common condition for girls as well.  Yet, when ADD is truly present, it is much less likely to be identified for girls than for boys.  Epidemiological research suggests that as many as one-half to two-thirds of girls with ADD/ADHD fail to be identified and treated, and as a result, suffer in silently from underachievement, frustration and low self-esteem.

Even when she tries to listen, her  thoughts seem to wander

She forgets  things like permission slips and papers

Projects and papers are hard for her to finish

She gets upset easily

Sometimes she says or feels she is not good at anything

She is frequently late

It's hard for her to concentrate when other things are going on around her

Teachers and others tell her she doesn't  try hard enough

She gets teased about being spacey

She feels different from other girls

Her room at home is a disaster

While children who do not have ADD (ADHD) can occasionally demonstrate some of these behaviors, children with ADD (ADHD) exhibit them chronically and across multiple settings impairing the child's ability to function academically or socially on a daily basis.