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Checklist for Preschool Children

               Beside each of the behaviors listed below, check how often each is shown by your preschooler




Never or Seldom



 All the Time

1. Move from activity to activity





2.  Is mean to other children





3.  Easily Distracted





4.  Impatient 





5.  Unusually quick temper





6.  Unusually hot or violent temper





7.  Tantrums last more than a few minutes





8.  Has many, chronic ear infections





9.  Difficulty sustaining attention





10.  Avoids group activities





11.  Seems unusually sad





12. Has trouble making friends





13. Argues with friends





14. Tries to hurt him/herself





15. Refuses to talk





16. Forget to do things





17.  Shows no concern for danger





18. Is accident prone





19.  Says no one likes him/her





20.  Is worried or nervous





21.  Refuses to use the toilet





22.  Is too Serious





23.  Is stubborn





24.  Plays with toys in unusual ways





25. Repeats one thought over and over





26.  Says bad words





27. Cries easily






Most preschool children will occasionally show some of the behaviors listed above.  If your child often has some of the concerns listed above, or shows a large number of these behaviors, consultation with you health care professional is recommended.