Dr.  Bruce McCormick and Associates

Psychology and Counseling of Shreveport

1842 Irving Place Shreveport, Louisiana 71101 (318) 865-7500


Our Professional Services


Our clinical staff has several decades of combined experience in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems.  Additionally, we provide assistance with many concerns such as career guidance and marriage counseling that do not result from mental conditions.  We make every effort to achieve a good match between a client�s needs and the skills, training, and experience of our doctors.  We are happy to refer to other offices or agencies when a client�s needs would be best served by doing so. If you wish, we welcome the opportunity to coordinate with your physician and your minister, priest, or rabbi. 


Services available at this office include:                                                                     Back to Home Page


Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, and children


Group Counseling and Psychotherapy for adults and adolescents


Play Therapy (for young children)


Family Therapy


Marriage Counseling


Behavior Management Consultation for Parents


Career Testing and Guidance


Testing for ADHD/ADD


Testing for Learning Disabilities


Coordination with school systems


Diagnostic Evaluation for Emotional Concerns


Mediation for Child Custody